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Puppy Training

Foundation 2

This class is targeted at puppies as from 20 weeks to 1 year. It is designed to further progress your puppy’s basic training, to increase the relationship and strengthen the bond between owner and puppy.

Our methods of training are based on positive renforcement and a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

  • Puppy Socialisation and Handler Relationship Building

  • Further developeing Basic Commands

  • enhanced good manners

  • Whistle commands

  • Distance Control

  • On and off lead heal work

  • Toy play

  • Hand Targetting

Many of the Exercises  introduced in this section should also be used for the older dog (8 months plus) in the Starter Agility Section.


When training a dog, we want them to react automatically upon hearing our command or seeing our cue, this trained response doesn’t involve the dog making decisions or choices for himself.

By using rewards to initially establish the response we desire, we can then develop through continued training a dog which will respond without hesitation whether or not he will receive a reward.

The process of training can be broken down into stages:


  • Establish the behaviour
  • Link the behaviour to a command/ signal
  • Teach the dog to respond to the command
  • Proof this behaviour against distractions
  • Maintain consistency in this trained response throughout the dogs life.
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