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Puppy Training

Foundation 1

Puppies should ideally begin between 12-20 weeks for best all round socialisation.

As soon as your puppy has had all its vaccinations come and join in the fun at Vale.

we have a secure 100m x 30m free run area where he can romp and learn to interact with other dogs in complete safety.


We can then concentrate on:

  • Free play to help with dog to dog interaction.

  • Advice on how to get the best out of your new puppy.

  • we will teach you and your new puppy all the basic commands.

  • Re-call.
  • Reward Based Puppy Training.

Building a positive relationship with your new puppy is so important. Training needs to be fun for both of you, with plenty of opportunity for your puppy to socialise and learn those all-important life skills.

Helping owners to understand their dogs is all part of the training. Owners of a new puppy want to try and get it right, to make sure their little pup grows into a well-balanced adult dog.


What does the training cover?

Do you know just how much your puppy is capable of doing?

Do you know how and when to exercise and rest your puppy?

Do you understand your puppy’s behaviour?

Learn all this and more in our Vale Dog Training Puppy Classes.

Vale Dog Training Centre is here to help you, using positive, effective and easy-to-understand, fun training methods. 

Discuss with the trainer what type of experiences can be useful for your puppy and how to introduce these experiences positively.

Use of cues, setting boundaries and being flexible in your expectations are also part of our training.

View our 6 week training program.

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