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Gun Dog Training

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Grow the bond between you and your dog by building on your previous training and combining the skills learned and adding search and retrieve during our gun dog training to become a true partnership.

Course Aims: 

This is for the more specialised training of your dog, either as a working dog or simply for the pleasure of exercising your dogs full potential.

Gun dog breeds are highly intelligent and whether or not you chose to use them as a ‘working dog’ they do require a ‘job’ to keep their brains entertained!

Covering all aspect of gun dog training from basic re-call, stop, sit, stay and turn to hand, voice and whistle commands through to cross water and blind retrieves, this course will set you and your dog up for success in the field. Tailored specifically to meet the needs of your dogs natural dicipline, be it a Pointer, an HPR or a Spaniel.

Both basic courses for dogs under 6 months old and more advanced training for dogs over 6 months old are available either as one to one sessions or in groups numbering no more than 5 dogs.

Under 6 months sessions last around 30-40 minutes, which is largely dictated by how receptive the puppy remains to the training as the session progresses.

6 months and older dog sessions are one hour in duration which includes a ‘mad 5 minutes’ to help the dogs burn off any pent up energy before getting down to the more focused task of learning.

For training dogs specifically to work with birds of prey, one to one only sessions can be arranged, where both dog and bird must attend.

All equipment is provided so you only need to bring your dog!

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